Therapy and Beyond

First and foremost, I am a therapist.


My work with individual clients is the passion that began this path.


I see clients ages 12 and up.


I am here to work with you or your child on whatever challenges are arising.


I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and depression, while also supporting people with OCD, self-esteem struggles, parenting concerns and more.

*I see clients via teletherapy, with a select few cases being seen in person in my office in Needham, MA.  This is based on risk assessment and needs of each person.  Additionally, I am a licensed social worker, licensed in MA, NH, ME, CT, and NY.

*Please note I do not take insurance. I am able to provide a receipt to potentially get reimbursed by your insurance. It is the client’s responsibility to communicate with your insurance and your behavioral health reimbursement policies.


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Other ways to work with me


I have learned a lot from building my own private practice and I am happy to help others as well. If you are wanting guidance on the basic outline I used to start my private practice, feel free to book this appointment type so we can get started!

When we are struggling, either ourselves or within our families, we often don’t know where to turn first. This is why I have created a formal way to strategize a mental health path. I will spend our initial session hearing your current challenges and needs. Then I will spend time forming a plan, including referrals. We will then meet for a plan review and make sure you feel comfortable with the next steps. Follow up appointments will also be available to you! 

This is a 30 minute assessment meeting, in which we will discuss all the current challenges and needs. I will ask questions, firm up details, and brainstorm with you to get all I need for the development.

These sessions are for check ins. I can add more suggestions, or just ensure you are on the right track with the wellness of you and your family.


Needham, MA